Monday, October 18, 2010

Nothing Could be Easier...

After our  post-Thanksgiving Turkey last night we all enjoyed the lingering smell of roasting meat and it's fixings--so satisfying!  And tonight, we are enjoying some of the leftovers for dinner (...and truth be told, we also enjoyed them for lunch!--what is better than a turkey sandwich on homemade bread with lots of mayo??!!).

Tonight we are going to enjoy Hot Turkey Sandwiches with stuffing, mashed potatoes and peas.  Nothing could be easier that reheating a la microwave the ingredients for tonights dinner--just one of the bonuses to yesterday's efforts!

I assume that most of you will have made or at least eaten hot turkey before...nothing fancy--most diners offer it as if it as special, hard to make feast!  Here it is in all its simple glory!

Hot Turkey Sandwiches
Leftover Turkey
Leftover Gravy
Salt and pepper to taste
Day old bread

Combine the turkey and gravy add salt and pepper if necessary and heat. Place 1 slice of bread on plate and top with hot turkey and gravy, you can add a second a layer of bread like Bil does with more gravy, or top with extra stuffing and gravy...up to you :)  So homey, so delicious, so EASY!

Tip:  I will often get the Turkey or Chicken or Beef ready with the gravy and freeze it.  It freezes well and makes a great easy dinner when you are short on time!


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