Monday, January 7, 2013

Ch ch change....

Happy New Year Friends!  Hope your little break was full of all the goodness life has to, family, friends, rest, fun...and wishing you much joy in 2013!

I am so excited to usher in this new year, and all the changes that it has in store for us.

We've jumped back on the bandwagon, and are starting a 21 day anti-inflammatory cleanse today.  This should be an interesting challenge for us as it is the first one we have done as a family.  I'll keep  you posted on how it's going, and share some of the new recipes we've tried--some of this I expect to be very easy, some of this I expect to be a bit more trying ( 21 days with no cheese...I think I can, I think I can...).  In the end, we expect we'll all feel so much better, have more energy and perhaps a clearer mindset to move on through the year.

I also will spend the first part of January working on a NEW WEBSITE!  I am really excited and hope to have things rolled out to you soon!  (...and if there is something NEW you'd like to see on said site, please let me know!  I do this for you, and I'd love to include some changes that you'd like to see!)  I eagerly await the day I can post the new site for you!!

My love affair with Chia Seeds continues...this is a new breakfast recipe I am eager to try this week.  I've adapted it from, and borrowed their beautiful photo as well!

Berry Chia Pudding

2 cups frozen berries-thawed (any combo will do)
1/4 cup water
3-4 tbsp honey, maple syrup or a handful of dates
1/3 cup chia seeds

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and process on high until well blended.   Cover and let sit a couple of hours or overnight.  Stir well.  
Top with toasted pecans or almonds or use as a spread or oatmeal topper.  This would also make a wonderful dessert.


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