Friday, October 22, 2010

Well what do you know...they do like it!

Madeleine had a friend over after school today and we 3 were in the kitchen as I was preparing dinner (Turkey Soup with a twist).  We had some very interesting conversation--left me knowing that I (as well as lots of other Mom's on this journey are doing something right with our kids and the food they eat!).

Madeleine commented to her friend how much she loves Turkey soup, and her friend replied "Yeah, I love homemade soup--I don't think I have had canned soup before".--seriously!, what a way to warm my heart!  Madeleine then told her about the one time she had canned soup, and continued to explain to her friend what a terrible meal it was in all it's gory detail.

I do remember that day very clearly. Visiting friends for the weekend, said friend made lunch for the kids of soup and grilled cheese.  Madeleine at about 3 years old, took a bite of the soup and said "uck, Mom this isn't soup!" and then took a bite of her sandwich and said "uck, I don't like this cheese" ( was in fact not "cheese", but  a cheese slice-something Madeleine had not had before, and obviously her tastebuds were very clear about what "real cheese" tastes like--and that was not it!)

So, here is my thought for the day:  I think that kids like to eat real food if exposed to it every day.  I think that they would choose cheese over cheese slices and homemade soup over canned if they are given the opportunity.

Listen, I know all kids have things that they don't like to eat (don't we all??), but if given the right example, and given the opportunity they prefer "real food" to "processed food"--and it is SO much better for them!
 --let's raise our kids to be healthy eaters--not because they have to be, but because they want to be.

...just ask the kid who chose to eat her Dad's Roast Pork Loin Dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans over the nachos and cheese sauce she had ordered for herself...

So we are now on meal number 5 for our $10 Turkey (which I am making notes, so that I can share with you soon...)  Here is Meal number 5--Turkey Soup with a twist--another happy accident...becaues I forgot to buy the noodles :)

Turkey Drepsley Soup (little drops)
Turkey Stock with carrots, green onion and celery 
(see previous recipe for full directions)
1 egg beaten
add 1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup milk
mix thoroughly, add a little more milk if necessary--it should be runny.
When soup is boiling rapidly, let Drepsley mixture drip from a fork over soup.  Continue dripping the "little drops" until batter is gone.  Stir lightly, turn down temperature and simmer covered for about 4 minutes. Serve immediately (so the little drops don't absorb too much stock)

You should have little tiny dumpling like deliciousness throughout your soup--like noodles only better!

Recipe adapted from Food that Really Schmecks, by Edna Staebler (my favourite cookbook of all time!)

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