Friday, April 8, 2011

..the most delicious.

I think I ate the most delicious thing in the world today.  Seriously.  You'll think I'm a nutter when I tell you what it is..but then again, if you have tried them, you'll know first hand how incredible the experience is...

Here it is...Floralane  "Elmira's Own" Tomatoes.

Now, let me explain a little, why these tomatoes have hit the spot so precisely today.

1.  It's April, and it has been a LOOOONG winter...and the produce the last month or so has been to say the least, meh...
2.  I stopped buying fresh tomatoes around October...when I could not get the locally grown (or at least Ontario) any more--because, well, have you tried a January tomato from Mexico?????
3.  These are locally grown, in fact the farm specializes in tomatoes of all kinds and has a half acre of tomato plants under a greenhouse roof--and let me tell you it is so worth their effort!
4.  Deep Red, Juicy, Ripe, won't believe it until you try it--it's like a little bit of August sunshine in your mouth...

Here is my favourite tomato salad recipe...I think I have shared it in a slightly different version already.  You can use all tomatoes, all cucumbers, a mix of both it's up to you--such a great and easy side dish, in the summer, we have this one at least 2-3 times per week...

Creamy Tomato Salad
1 pkg grape tomatoes sliced or 2 tomatoes cut into chunks
3-4 tbsp full fat sour cream 
1 tbsp sugar
1/2-1 tbsp white vinegar or red wine vinegar or chive vinegar or lemon juice
cracked black pepper

Mix sour cream, sugar and vinegar together (you may need to add more sugar and/or vinegar--keep mixing until the taste is just right...)  Add black pepper and tomatoes, toss and serve.  This dish is better at  room temperature.

Tip:  you can also add some chopped green onion or chives too--delicious!

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